Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Travel Time Measurement

Inexpensive, on-demand solution for measuring journey time, between any locations with WiFi™ & Bluetooth® in-car devices tracking.

What’s possible?

  • Traffic jam detection
  • Measure journey time between A and B
  • Measure traffic density
  • Categorize traffic by pedestrians, bikers, drivers
  • Categorize traffic by user types: regular / occasional / tourists
  • Measure dwell time at traffic lights

How does it work?

Honey Access Traffic Sensors collect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals from devices like:

  • Smartphones, tablets, laptops of passengers
  • Hands-free Car Kits
  • Navigation Systems
  • In-car Wi-Fi hotspots

These signals are collected, encrypted, instantly sent over 3G/4G to the cloud, and matched across different locations to determine various traffic metrics

Why use it?

Honey Access Traffic Analytics delivers same data as long known technologies like magnetic loops, or number plate recognition cameras (ANPR), but at much lower cost, and much faster.

Extremely easy to set up on demand (and removed on demand if necessary), and inexpensive to use. Now you can quickly install a large network of traffic measurement points in a few days, rather than months.

Comparison with other technologies

Magnetic Loops ANPR
(number plate
Honey Access
Traffic Sensors
(Bluetooth & WiFi)
Equipment Cost Very high High Very low
Installation Cost Very high High Very low
Relocation Cost Very high High Very low
Installation Time 1 week 2 days 1 hour
Privacy items collected License plate numbers
(can be linked to drivers)
Encrypted MAC addresses
(cannot be linked to persons)
Measures speed?
Measures journey time from A to B?